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Purchasing fully functional real estate customer relationship management software (CRM) allows you to automate numerous real estate marketing and sales tasks with ease. Storing lead information, automating communications, and, in turn, identifying qualified real estate leads can all be accomplished with a comprehensive real estate CRM. But for agents with more modest needs, or those just starting out in the industry, real estate contact management software can perform the basic tasks of keeping you organized.
A real estate contact management solution that helps you add new names to your address book, organize them into segments, clean up your email marketing lists, and makes it easy to add notes is crucial to moving qualified leads through the sales funnel. Here are 15 of the top real estate contact management systems that make it simple to assemble and categorize your real estate leads database — some that are simple mobile apps that make it easy to secure contacts’ information, others that provide robust real estate lead management capabilities (or are even technically considered full CRM software).
Meeting prospective clients, hosting open houses, showing listings, and attending industry conferences are just some of the reasons agents spend a great deal of time traveling. It’s inevitable you’ll meet new contacts during your time out and about, so having an app like can be a lifesaver for quickly securing contacts’ personal details.
Download the app and you can auto-sync people’s social media accounts, business information (company and job title), birthdays, and other tidbits into a contact card called a ME Card. For instance, if you have listing photos you want to share with a new lead, you can do so in seconds via Tasks like this can be accomplished via the tool’s Widgets function, which makes communicating with contacts as simple as a tap of the phone.

Storing all of your real estate contacts in your email account is great, but have you ever wondered if you have duplicate contacts thanks to multiple email addresses? Instead of sorting through each contact manually to figure out who’s who and what can be deleted, try using real estate lead management software like FullContact.
Connect your address books (and even your social media accounts) to the platform and FullContact does the rest: identifying dated or duplicate contact addresses, deleting them, and updating the main contact profiles with the right information. The bonus to importing your social media connections is that FullContact will find photos via Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts to attach to real estate leads in your database, saving you the trouble of tracking down headshots to store with your contacts.

Think of Zoho’s Contact Manager as CRM-lite — it has many of the same features the best real estate CRM software solutions offer, like the ability to set up email marketing campaigns and track deals or lead activity. This particular platform, though, has a more straightforward interface that makes it an ideal choice for real estate agents who want an introductory lesson to lead management software.
The platform’s scheduling features ensure you stay on top of ongoing and prospective deals, while its tagging system makes it easy to move around contacts and tasks into different categories. Contact Manager also allows for social media messaging with contacts and clients, as it integrates with Facebook and Twitter — the perfect way to nurture leads who need a lighter touch than those you email and call.
Email and mobile reminders that tell you when to catch up with inactive real estate leads can save you from losing out on business. The amount of time wasted manually setting these reminders can be a hassle, though. With Cloze, agents don’t have to worry about forgetting to reach out to certain contacts at certain time intervals.
The platform knows when you need to email or call prospective clients, thanks to its special algorithm which tracks lengths of time in between lead outreach based on lead designation. In other words, Cloze knows who you regularly speak with (and should be speaking with) and uses a score to rank your contacts based on their importance to you. All of your contacts’ online information, including email address and social media accounts and activity, are displayed in the Cloze dashboard, and every documented interaction you’ve had with those contacts via email, phone, and social media is merged into the app.
As with a CRM for real estate, many agents prefer to share contact management with agency colleagues. With Streak, a Google Chrome extension that integrates and grades contacts via Gmail, you can view business won and quality leads that need to be nurtured. Moreover, Streak makes it easy to see when and where your real estate leads and clients open email you send their way, which can give you a clear idea of who’s closer to buying or hiring and, thus, worth spending your time prospecting.

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